Anastasia’s chocolate and almond molten cake

Here is a very simple and quick recipe from a friend, to make a beautiful and really delicious individual dessert. Chocolate addicts will be delighted, and food lovers replete with this molten cake recipe. This half-baked little cake is so soft Lire la suite

Quick Peking duck breast

Duck is excellent, and it gives a change to your meals. It is a very tasty and juicy meat, and duck breast is particularly tender when perfectly cooked. Something I learnt from Gordon Ramsay’s great tips. And duck breast just Lire la suite

Jerusalem artichoke purée

Wanna discover some new vegetables? Need some fresh ideas of side dishes to serve with meat or fish? Here is a very uncommon vegetable. Each time I cook some Jerusalem artichoke, I can hear my grandfather tell his stories: during Lire la suite

Home made salted meat

This is a recipe used by the French sailors in Toulon, in order to preserve the meat for weeks while sailing during long periods. They use sea salt, like in the old times. This is a very simple and easy Lire la suite

Roasted scallops with butter, parsley and garlic

This is a variation of my mother’s stuffed mussels: mussels stuffed with butter, parsley, garlic and bread crumbs, then grilled in the oven for few minutes. Delightful! In my neighborhood, we are very lucky to have an exceptional market with Lire la suite