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Eating: it’s one of our most basic and animal needs, but we’ve turned it into so much more. It’s a family reunion around a table. It’s a finger-licking-good cookie that surfaces a childhood memory. It’s some comforting mac ‘n cheese you share with your friends after an exhausting day. It’s a favorite dish that lifts your mood when you’re homesick.

Born from a half-French, half-Vietnamese father and a Filipino mother, I learned at a young age to embrace food as a way of life. For me, food is a relationship activator. It’s an occasion to share, discuss and feel. I’ve learned that, while sophisticated recipes get lots of attention, sometimes the best dishes are simple ones prepared with love.

With that in mind, I’ve launched a food blog that doesn’t just treat dishes as lists of ingredients. With every recipe, I tell a singular story that I hope will take you to my culinary world. My hope is that you’ll identify with my story, and perhaps share some stories of your own. Everyone can find inspiration here, whether you’re looking for everyday staples or delicacies cooked with exotic or refined ingredients.

My mantra is simple: Eating is living, savouring is loving, cooking is sharing. 

I studied at the EMLYON Business School in France. I started working in finance for 3 years.

In 2014, I decided to change it all and fully enjoy my passion about food: I went to a French pastry school in Paris (Ecole de Boulangerie et de Pâtisserie de Paris) and got a pastry certification. I experienced so many different culinary adventures over the past 3 years: working in a pastry shop in Paris, in a two-stars restaurant close to the Champs Elysées, then for the great pastry chef Gilles Bajolle, in different coffee shops (Wynwood and Mamie Gâteaux in Paris, Le Comptoir d’Edgar in Antibes), talking for a TEDx event about culinary emotions, giving some pastry and cooking masterclasses, making dinners, pastries and food for parties using the new sharing economy websites like Chefing or Menu Next Door. I also create recipes for some brands, and try new products for them. I am so happy about this big change. And I’m looking forward to the next step: opening my own guesthouse/bed and breakfast in the French riviera. Stay tuned!

Cooking, writing and food photography: Priscilla HEYSER VAYNO*

Blog creation: Emmanuel LANDRON

Design and blog maintenance: Sylvain ROUVIERE

Special credits: Marine LE FUR and Jan WOLFE for helping me with their linguistic skills.

* Author’s comment: ALL food photos published on the blog are 100% EDIBLE! No trick, no varnish, no paint, no additive, no food coloring or other subterfuge are used to make the pictures look appetizing. This blog is in favour of the non-misleading food photography, 100% real and doable.

These photos are the exclusive intellectual property of Mangez-Moi.fr. Anyone wishing to use them must specifically submit a request through the contact form. Mangez-Moi.fr has all rights to refuse their use.

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