Summer peach tart

Here is a special peach tart recipe made of an extra buttery pastry dough (Breton shortbread recipe), stewed caramelized white peaches, vanilla and mascarpone whipped cream and some fresh yellow peach segments. It’s a delightful summer tart, perfect at the Lire la suite

Apricot and almond milk clafoutis

Here is a variation of my cherry clafoutis. As apricot season has come, let’s enjoy it with a delicious apricot and almond milk clafoutis recipe. Perfect for lactose intolerant people. The mix of apricot sourness and almond milk sweetness in Lire la suite

Cherry clafoutis

Days are getting warmer, and daylight finally lasts longer. Trees’ snowy white and light pink flowers have become pairs of dark red shiny beads. Daddy gets his ladder and starts picking the ripened cherries. He picks up two pairs for Lire la suite