Bubble tea: coconut milk, tapioca pearls and jasmin tea

Have you ever heard about bubble tea? It’s the trendy asian drink, that you can now find in most European big cities in bubble tea bars: hot or iced, in so many different flavours (coconut, taro, vanilla, soybean milk, strawberry, Lire la suite

Aperol Spritz

Sun has come, heat has come, thirst has come ! It’s time to show up with your Wayfarer glasses, flip-flops and barbecue. But under a blazing sun, you’d rather have a fresh and light pre-dinner drink. So here is a Lire la suite

Moroccan mint tea

As I had six amazing months abroad with two Moroccan roomies, I’d say you definitely should « taste » this beautiful culture! In Morocco, mint tea is an institution. It’s a tradition, a ritual. This sweet nectar with mint and orange blossom Lire la suite

Christmas tea

When cold winter comes and daylight becomes shorter, I love cocooning! Staying under the quilt or a tartan rug, with some hot chocolate or a mug of tea, reading an absorbing book or watching a cheesy movie. Key item to Lire la suite