Steamed foie gras with Armagnac and Calvados

I tried to steam some foie gras and the result is amazing. The foie gras is perfectly cooked, with few « yellow fat ». I left it to marinate with Armagnac (French kind of brandy) and Calvados (apple French brandy), a perfect Lire la suite

Lemon madeleines

When I went to Europain exhibition in Paris last year, I tasted these amazing French scallop-shell-shaped cookies at a baking equipment supplier stand. The young pastry chef kindly gave me the recipe as I was so enthusiastic about these incredible Lire la suite

Cherry clafoutis

Days are getting warmer, and daylight finally lasts longer. Trees’ snowy white and light pink flowers have become pairs of dark red shiny beads. Daddy gets his ladder and starts picking the ripened cherries. He picks up two pairs for Lire la suite