Moroccan mint tea

As I had six amazing months abroad with two Moroccan roomies, I’d say you definitely should « taste » this beautiful culture! In Morocco, mint tea is an institution. It’s a tradition, a ritual. This sweet nectar with mint and orange blossom fragrances always brings me back to those delicious memories with my two dear friends. Thank you Asmae and Touria for passing a little bit of your culture down to me.

Prep: 10 min

Makes 2 cups of tea (5 Moroccan glasses):

  • 1 tbsp green Chinese tea (Gunpowder)
  • 4 to 5 sticks of fresh mint
  • 4 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tsp orange blossom extract

Wash the sticks of mint.

In a teapot, pour the green tea, sugar and mint.

Add 2 cups of simmering water and brew for 5 minutes. Add the orange blossom extract.

Pour the tea into one glass, then pour its contents into the teapot again. This is how Moroccan people mix the tea.

Pour the Moroccan mint tea in glasses lifting the teapot so that the tea foams and its fragrances intensify. And sip immediately.

If you use Moroccan tea glasses, do not fill to the brim. The glasses must be held by the upper part which is not in contact with the tea, so that you don’t burn yourself!

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